How do we program a double solenoid for recycle rush?

FRC 5215 <Steagles>

Lots of possibilities. Here is only one.
The solenoid needs to be Open’ed in and given a name there.

What does the begin.Vi look like??

FRC 5215

Here’s another example showing the Open in Begin and it’s use in Teleop.

We are having trouble connecting the Select function to the Solenoid set. VI

Try these steps:

  1. Right-click on the input of the Solenoid Set and Create->Constant
  2. Copy/Paste the constant and attach two of them to the Select as shown
  3. Delete the constant attached directly to the Solenoid Set
    *]Wire the Select to the solenoid Set
    That makes sure the enumerated constants used are the correct ones for Solenoid Set.

Thank you so much for your help!!! sorry for all of the questions, but could you show us the finish.VI?

THank you so much again

Finish isn’t technically necessary, it’s just good form.



Lastly, how do we program the compressor?

By creating a solenoid, the compressor was automatically created too.
No explicit code is required for the compressor.

All this does assume that your PCM has a CAN ID of 0