Solenoids + 20A breakers.

I was going to wire each of the needed solenoids on our robot this year to a spike, then each spike to its own 20A breaker, but then I saw a diagram on (the real) page 26 of the robot manual. It had the RC going to one 20A breaker, the compressor going to the other, and then Spike Relays going to a 20A breaker. So that leaves me with a question: are we allowed to wire multiple spikes to one 20A breaker? That is, 7 solenoids connected to 7 spikes, and then one 20A breaker taking all seven of the spike power connections.

Let me know. This would actually be really awesome.


From an electrical engineering perspective, wiring multiple Spikes to one 20A CB is OK as long as the total load is less than 20A. However, the 2007 Robot Power Distribution Diagram shows individual CBs to each Spike…

I would like to see someone post this question to the FIRST Q&A for a ruling clarification.



I have a sort of related question: Am I allowed to wire two solenoids to the same spike relay if I need the two solenoids to act simultaneously?
I know the rules say I have to wire each electrical load to one Spike/Victor, but can I wire multiple loads to the same spike?


<R56> Each power regulating device (Victor speed controller or Spike relay) shall control one and only one electrical load (motor, actuator or compressor). Multiple low-load devices (e.g. pneumatic valves) may be connected to relay modules (but only one motor may be connected to each relay module).
There is also no rule about how many PWM Y-cables you can use. One Y-end to each spike (up to two) and the single end to the PWM output on the RC, and you’re good.

Just to clarify, when it says

Multiple low-load devices (e.g. pneumatic valves) may be connected to relay modules

Does “relay module” mean the Spike relay? And if so, then it is ok to connect two solenoid valves to one Spike, right?

Why not plumb two actuators to the same solenoid if they need to go off at the same time?

I was wrong about what the rule said…

The Spike relay is the only allowed relay module. Therefore, two would be legal.
But Eric’s solution would be more elegant. One solenoid, a tee shortly afterwards, and then the tubing to the actuator.

That’s a really good point, but I guess two separate solenoids would use two separate tubes, so the actuators can fill with air twice as fast. Otherwise, we can use one solenoid, but then both actuators would have to fill through one tube.

Please correct me if I’m wrong because we haven’t tested this yet.

yes, two separate systems should fill faster. Depending on what your using it for, and what size cylinder, it may not make a difference though.

ok. thank you everyone for your help.