Solenoids for shifting gearboxes

My team is using WCP 2-speed transmissions with pancake cylinders. We are having trouble deciding which solenoids to use. Could someone share what their team has used or knows to work well?

My team always gets the CKD solenoids from AndyMark, and we haven’t had any issues. Remember to get 3 M5 Pisco fittings (sold from AndyMark too) and tighten these using an allen key inside (it’s tapeless but you need to tighten it from inside the fitting.) I recommend a single-acting solenoid for this use, so it will return automatically to a certain direction if your robot loses a signal or the wire tears loose for some reason. Hope it helps!


VEXpro sells compact SMC SY-series valves and manifolds. These are very useful if you have more than 1 valves, as the manifold saves significant space over multiple body ported valves. The 1/4" tubing fittings built into manifold will interface directly with the standard 1/4" FRC tubing.

Have to say, we got them for our comp and practice bots this year, and we just love them. They’re super useful, real small, and we never have to worry about mounting solenoids anymore.