Solenoids Wire

In our arm we have 3 solenoids that shoot at the same time to raise our arm and i was wondering if we can connect all 3 solenoids to the same relay on the cRio, I have look on the first web site and i could not find anything that said that it was legal or illegal. Have anyone try it.

Please help!:confused:

Thank you.

Solenoids can be connected to either the solenoid module on the cRio, -OR- to a spike relay…

Per <R49-A> you may connect multiple solenoids to a single spike relay.

I don’t see anything specifically disallowing controlling multiple solenoids from a single connection on the cRio solenoid module, however I don’t recommend it. That module was designed to support 8 separate output signals, not multiple solenoids per output

hope that helps

The NI 9472 module can handle 750 ma per output and a max current for the sum of all outputs is 6 amps.

ok thank you guys for your help :smiley: