Solid or Hollow Bumper

We are a rookie team and wondering if the pool noodles need to be hollow or can they be solid. The manual shows a picture of hollow noodles. However, we can not find any wording other than that they need to be 2 1/2".


I’m pretty sure you can use any pool noodles you like. They just have to be under a certain weight. Not sure of all the rules regarding bumpers as I’m not the one that makes the bumpers. But didn’t see anything specifying.

<R08> B. just says they have to be 2.5". I’d go for it, but I’m not the GDC. It doesn’t hurt to ask on Q&A.

If I recall from previous years bumpers, hollow and solid are both legal choices as long as they are 2.5"

i think you can use any pool noodle, just not the seahorse ones…

I agree that you are probably OK with either one, but if you want an official ruling, you should check with the official FRC Q&A (clicky).

Search it first, your question may have already been asked. I’d start looking in the Robot section.

[edit2] oooops … sorry … the stuff below is actually from '08 … sry … and thanks Gary for noticing that. I don’t want to spread false data. I’ll have to pay close attention to the Q&A forum “tree” next time.

[edit1] I couldn’t wait for the answer, so I searched myself … and yes, your question has been asked and answered in THIS thread.


That quote was from a year ago. As a Certain GDC Member is wont to say, last year’s rules do not apply to this year’s game.

Seems that hollow are the preferred method. Now, the next question is how many do we need? My math says that the longest sides are about 3’ (38") and the short sides are about 2’ (28") - I rounded down since we only need to cover 2/3 of the perimeter anyhow. The pool noodles I found are 5’ long. So it would seem to me we need about 4 to allow for the two layers since each one will cover one long and one short side. So, I was thinking of ordering six, will that be right or am I missing something?


I don’t think hollow or solid matters. Not to exemplify bad sportsmanship or anything, but who will ever know? I think it’s perfectly legal though.

six should do it. I would get 8 just in case.

Don’t forget about the vertical pieces and mistakes.

Also: fun to have extras around for swinging at each other.

Don’t forget to wear your safety goggles :slight_smile:

Are “goggles” the appropriate term in this case over safety “glasses” since the items in question are mainly used in the pool? :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry, couldn’t hep but throw that little observation out there. :rolleyes:

If I can recall, from previous years, there was often a short piece of the noodles used for bumpers that comes in th KoP. I would check there, I also believe that we found it in the Kamen Box this year. So you could check there to fund an example. Just a thought though. Also, you said you couldnt find any in your area? If there are other teams in your area then you could ask them where they got theirs. :slight_smile: