Solid Works availability

Is Solids Works a free program offered to FRC teams this year? This is the program I’m most familiar with but have only been able to find links to download Inventor and Pro-E on US First’s website. Thanks for any help!

Look up mplanchard in the Members list, and use the link in her profile to send her a request via email - Assuming you qualify for one, she will get you fixed up with a student copy of Solidworks.

She is on page 34 of the member IDs that begin with “m”.

Just go to
Fill out our sponsorship application. We ship software to registered teams that want to use it to design their robot.
Thank you. Marie

They are great our team filled out the form the past Saturday and got out copies on Tuesday :slight_smile:

yeah they are free to FRC teams… just go to the website and fill out a forum and have them shipped to your school