Solidwork files into Inventor 2008

Does anyone know how to convert files from solidworks into inventor 2008 or if it’s even possible?

save ur files as .step files, they transfer ok…

hope that helps

Transferring full part files between CAD systems is nearly impossible. 99% of the time the only way to do it is by saving the part in a non-proprietary format (like a .step file). But this combines all the features of the part into one solid piece, meaning you can’t change individual features in the new file. I don’t know what you plan to use the model for, but if you want to be able to change specific features you’re most likely going to have to remodel the part in Inventor.

ok i got that to work, now how do i save it so it’ll work on inventor 7?

Download the free translators from it will translate many different filetypes into Inventor, including SolidWorks, Pro/E, Parasolid, UG_NX, Granite…

You will probably also want to download the Feature Recognition add-in to rebuild feature history tree.

File Open > Files of type: Step files (*.stp, *.step…)

Of course students can download the latest release of Autodesk Inventor Professional for free from