Solidworks 18-19 PDM


So, we recently were just granted access to the new Solidworks 2018-19 version and we’re able to get clients set up just fine. We are, however, having trouble getting a Solidworks PDM server set up. It seems that PDM Workgroup has gone away and we now have Solidworks PDM. Has anyone been able to get this set up? I don’t seem to have the correct license.


To my knowledge, the license that Solidworks gives us for free doesn’t include Solidworks PDM. We haven’t managed to get PDM to work either, so we’ve used GrabCAD.


This is a very late reply. We finally got information for installing Solidworks PDM Professional from Solidworks, however, it requires software that we don’t have (SQL 2016) and it seems overly complicated. I think that we’re going to try GrabCAD this season. Thank you for the recommendation.