SolidWorks 2014 Setup

My team recently received our license for 2014-2015 SolidWorks and we are trying to set it up. We are having trouble setting default templates for creating parts, drawings and assemblies. I’ve looked around on Google and on CD, but have had no luck, I have even tried the SolidWorks forums. Is there any way that somebody could provide general FRC templates for our team to use that are in IPS units, and additionally provide instructions on how to set them as the default templates?
All help is appreciated. Thanks

Here are the general steps (from memory)

Create a New Part doc.
Select Options menu, then Document tab
Click Units, change to IPS
Close Options
Select SAVE AS in the File menu
Enter name of your Part template
Select “Save As Template”

To create an Assembly Template, start with a new assembly file and follow the same steps as above. The new templates will be available in the Templates tab of the New Part/Assembly window.

I actually wrote a blog post about this for my day job. This should help you out.

I have attached our default part templates. My preferred method for setting them is putting them in a dropbox folder, and then setting that folder to a templates location folder in Options(top left corner, blue box) -> File Locations. That way, if you make updates to the templates it updates for everyone CADding.

1836 (29.4 KB)

1836 (29.4 KB)