SolidWorks 2019 Field CAD Issue

On Team 303, we are using the 2017 version of SolidWorks, as that is what we got in the off-season this past year. Due to the version year of the released 2019 FRC Field CAD, we are unable to access the CAD on any of the team’s computers. Does anyone have a SolidWorks 2017 version of the 2019 field or a STEP file that we can convert?

Thank you.

It is very easy to get new SW licenses and just update your current installation. Unsure how stable the new build is, but it will be quick to get.

We applied for new SolidWorks licenses on Sunday evening and received the new ones Monday evening. Very quick and painless application.

Thanks for the responses,

We would do this, but the team has several computers which do not have easy access to the internet, and would have trouble getting the newer version. This is why I was inquiring about a STEP file, as that would be the most feasible option for us at the moment.

I’ve send you a PM with a wetransfer link for a Igus file of the 2019 field. That should work for you.

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We also cannot update our SolidWorks licenses. I wish FIRST would release CAD models in universal formats (STEP, IGES, Parasolid) so ALL teams have access.