Solidworks Bevel Gear Generator

I made a bevel gear generator, and a sprocket generator in Solidworks that I figured were worth sharing. The bevel gear model can generate a gear for any shaft angle, diametrical pitch, pressure angle, and tooth counts (though it will break if pushed to extremes). All configuration is done through editing global variables in the equation manager. The sprocket generator works for #25 and #35 chain, and can easily be modified for other sizes. Details and files here:

The bevel gear generator uses a true involute curve and the Tredgold Approximation. Any feedback welcome.

60t 45t


Glad to see someone with a bit more mathematical ability than I make this!

I have to ask… is that your normal solidworks background?

Lol yes it is.

Dark mode + green background was part of an effort to save my eyes when I am spending all day in front of the computer - it grows on you I promise.

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