SolidWorks CAM -> Mach3 -> Omio2200L-USB


This year we have acquired a Omio2200L-USB CNC router. We have it running with SolidWorks->Mastercam->Mach3->omio2200L, but we only have one license for mastercam and multiple students wanting to create gcode.

We discovered that SolidWorks also comes with CAM software and are wondering if anyone has figured out how to configure SolidWorks CAM for use with the Omio.

In my naive mind (I’m an EE), I would just load a config file that someone has generated for the omio-2200L into SW-CAM and go an generate gcode from a .sldprt. I’ve spent half a day so far trying to figure out the CAM settings and its quite frankly bewildering!.


Look at HSMWorks, it’s a CAM add-on developed by Autodesk. It makes the whole CAD to CAM development simple. The only downside is the fact that nesting needs to be manual (there are other add-ons that nesting into assemblies which can be sent to HSM, but I’ve been unsuccessful at gaining an educational discount or license from any vendor), and there are no automatic tabs for sheet metal.


548 tried SW CAM but gave up on it. It took a lot of work to download old, incompatible software to create a custom postprocessor file that actually worked with Mach 3 (the built in Mach 3 post doesn’t work). Then, even with it working, it was terrible. For some reason, the way SW CAM patterns the G-Code to make the programs smaller if you have multiple identical parts really confuses Mach3. It is basically impossible to do a “run from here” since it completely forgets where the actual work origin is. If you really really want to get it to work, check out the postprocessor I posted in this thread SOLIDWORKS CAM/CAMWorks with Mach 3 .
I’d really recommend using HSMWorks. We have had a couple issues where the toolpath generation gets a bit confused in really tight spaces or it struggles with some odd assemblies, but it has been pretty good besides that. We’ve been using it for a few years. It isn’t terribly slower than SW CAM if you always copy operations from a master file / a previously CAM’ed part. There’s also a pretty large support community since it is basically the same as Fusion CAM and the free HSMExpress.

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We purchased an Omio X8 this year and are running HSMWorks Ultimate. It’s free on Autodesk. The default Mach3Mill post works well, is included in your install, and simplifies workflow. It does not do auto tabbing, but has been sufficient for us to do all of our sheet metal on this year.


I can’t state enough how great HSM Ultimate has worked for us. We use the inventor version with our OMIO and it works soooo well.

We post using tinyg because the Mach3Mill post was doing a couple weird things.

Thanks all, for your comments.

We’ve downloaded HSMExpress and will try and configure tonight.

Does anybody have an HSMExpress omiocnc machine configuration file that they can share?. Preferably the 2200L, but anything to start with would be appreciated.


fusion 360 is basically idiot proof, after youre past the learning curve, which is really simple compared to most cad packages, it makes some pretty awesome tool paths and is free for students.

Hey, we just got a similar omio, wondering about the best way to set up a configuration? Did you get a solution that worked?