Solidworks: Configurable Cascade Elevator Download and Tech Binder

I’m a senior on FRC 3512, and over the past couple months I have been working on a configurable elevator in Solidworks that can be changed based on some parameters. Wouldn’t it be nice to enter a few numbers and have your whole elevator designed for you? I made a whole write-up about the thing, so make sure to check it out below! Feel free to use it and modify it however you’d like.

Configurable Cascade Elevator Write-Up

CAD Download


  • The Parametric Elevator generates an elevator in Solidworks based on plugged in variables
  • It is completely adjustable
  • Designed with parts machinable by:
    • Omio CNC Routers
    • Markforged Onyx One 3D Printers
    • Prusa Mk3 3D Printers
  • This design is heavily inspired by the GreyT Elevator from West Coast Products


  • Modular design
    • 0.5” Hole Pattern allows flexibility in design
    • MAXPlanetary Gearboxes allow a variety of gearing choices
    • The H-Shaped carriage allows for a multitude of mounting options
  • Magnetic Limit Switch (Rev)
  • Rubber Hardstop Strip (McMaster)
  • Optional space between carriage tubes to sandwich intake/arm plates
  • WCP Tube Plugs combined with 3D printed Crush blocks = Rigid Frame Structure without gussets
  • WCP Ratchet Plates for rope tensioning (Our team is receiving one to test it out)
  • The assembly shouldn’t break easily because multibody design = way less mates and assembly mirrors
  • Details!
    • All Hardware Modeled
    • Rope, Chain, and Springs Modeled

How to Use It:

  • Download it every time you want a new elevator OR
  • Save it to an accessible spot where it acts as a template
  • In the assembly, use Pack & Go to save it to the folder where you want to use it (This takes a minute)
  • Open the Master Part and adjust the variables to your liking
  • Open the assembly and see your elevator!
  • You can save the bodies in the Master Part as individual parts for machining or to create your own assembly
    • You can assign each part a new name/part number
  • Now you have parts that you can save as STLs for 3D printing, perform CAM for CNC, or create drawings

Please leave suggestions and questions in the suggestion box!


The onedrive link isn’t working for me

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Of course Onedrive goes down the moment I use it…
I’m switching the links to

That is a pretty cool design and excellent documentation! Has your team used the Grey-T in the past and wanted to improve it or is this something you wanted to do as a challenge?

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We built an elevator pretty similar to the Greyt one in 2019 with decent results. The design was created as part of our efforts to move towards using the WCP tube plugs to build our robots for the 2023 season instead of using gussets, which our 2019 design used heavily (44 of them). This will help us increase productivity in both design and machining.

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