solidworks grants??

Is there anyone out there that has applied for and received a 2003-2004 Solidworks software grant?

I applied in June and they have not been very responsive to inquiries. I am pretty sure that the decisions were to be made in August for September shipping.

Please, let me know if you know anything?


Al Ostrow

Team 341

Solidworks grants? Coulde you please elaborate. Links? any info would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

Here is the Info site.

We applied in June. I think the deadline has passed, but the application is still up. So why not try?

:frowning: We applied when we came back to school, I haven’t heard a thing yet.
Their question about other programs used and how it doesn’t fulfill a specific need through me a little.
Team 902

Just received a letter awarding the team with the software grant.

Hopefully everyone else will be getting letters soon. This looks like it is going to be FUN!!!

Dillard High School, part of TEAM 108 SigmaC@T just received our solidworks grant. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!