Solidworks Installation failure

Hello! I’m trying to get my Solidworks installed on all the students’ laptops, but we keep on hitting installation errors. There is no error code to reference. We have tried surfing through forums and asking other teams, but no one has ever had issues. Has anyone else had the same problem?


Going to need a little more information please!

Some common mistakes - haven’t fully uninstalled old versions of the software. Not enough harddrive space to install. Not having an internet connection when trying to install…etc…

Which step are you failing on?


With school computers, yes. Are these school computers?

Otherwise I strongly suggest making an Administrative Image Installation and deriving all future installations from that.

This is in addition to @Akash_Rastogi’s pointers, which are all… on point.


The installation prompt downloads all the proper materials needed, but fails on the installation part. I’ve checked hard drive space, internet, firewall, admin access, drivers, just about anything that could be a problem. What’s interesting is that some people don’t have a single problem, while others just can’t install at all.

Our team has everyone bring their own personal laptops. However, all the laptops are either new or in good working condition.

Use manual download. Never had any luck with auto download, Manual (with Google chrome) works every time.

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Could you send a picture of the error?

Make an admin image. This creates a copy of all the downloads and SNs so you can just hit the installer from a local file. We have the same issue with installs working on some computers and not others. The admin image alleviates this issue and can also speed up installation time since there is no downloading to do

Do you make sure the laptops are windows and can support Solidworks?
(Processor, architecture (64 or 32 bit), gpu, ram, etc.)

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You know, solidworks runs on almost anything, I was running 200+ part asembs on a Celeron N4000 and 4gb of ram. Slow? Understatement. Useable? yes.

Unless the computer wifi connection is absolutely useless or the school blocks are in the way, in the case of installs
But I have yet to see Solidworks run on windows 3.0, and I haven’t seen Solidworks run on anything with less than an i5 and 4gb ram (IDK who assigned a old programming computer to a CAD guy). And that was painful to install.

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The only solidworks app that won’t run is Visualize, which needs the 8gb of ram.