SolidWorks Installation

I am going to download SW desktop. But I don’t have serial number, even if I have already filled in the online application form, and get the email about 3Dexperience.
So, can anyone tell me where can I get that number?

I filled in the application back in February. I got two emails. First looked like this:
and had the serial number below the shown text.

If you did not get this email, check spam/junk folder, and if it isn’t there, email the address you see in this pic.

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I only get this email by that address.
I will email it now. Thanks!

Solidworks as a CAD program is separate from 3DExperience.
In order to download the full Solidworks software you need to go through this link:

Use the email you registered for 3DExperience. You may still need a code from your FirstInspires vouchers.

A while ago, someone on our team noticed that our serial number was the same as the one received by one of our neighboring teams. I wonder if they just use one number for all of FRC

But I remember my last mentor saying that users numbers of every team are limited.

I remember I done this before.

Is that form from this one?