Solidworks KOP files

Are there any solidworks files for the Kit of Parts? cant find any

I haven’t even seen a complete set of cad file for the KOP. If they are available in step or iges, you can open them directly in SolidWorks. You can then save them as part or assembly files.

Newer versions of solidworks will convert inventor parts and assemblies to the native solidworks format. Just go File>Open and select in the file type menu “Inventor”

SolidWorks Kit of Parts is located at
In the Search box, enter firstrobotics (one word). There are hundreds of model files in multiple formats, SolidWorks, Pro/E, Inventor, .dwg, .dxf and 15 other file formats. You configure the part when you download. Be certain to download in the SolidWorks version you are using.

To open an existing model file in IGES, STEP or SAT format inside of SolidWorks, select File, Open. Select your file of type. Then Save.

All teams can receive SolidWorks 2007 by applying at

i have a question. does anyone know where we can download the KoP for 2011 in autodesk? been hunting but no luck, any help would be appreciated

Inside of SolidWorks 2010 Design Library>SolidWorks Content>Robotics folder lives robot parts from 2010 and 2009. Ctrl select the folder to download all parts; unzip. These parts are in SolidWorks format. Many parts from 2010 are reused in 2011. We are working on the 2011 kit for parts. This link shows how to connect your parts folder to be used inside of SolidWorks - saves lots of steps in the assembly:

At seach
you can download all formats both 2d and 3d such as dwg, pro|e and inventor at previous software editions.

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Good luck in the competition. Marie

When we download solidworks .sldprt files then try to open in the 2011 student version of solid works, we get a message about ‘future version’ and the part refuses to open. Is there versionitis going on?

Never mind. Pilot error. The 2012 vs 2011 is the Solidworks version, not the KOP version. Since we’re using 2011 SolidWorks we need the 2011 part version…