Solidworks License Years

This is probably a dumb question, but can you use a 2021-2022 license on a 2022-2023 copy of Solidworks? My laptop runs Windows 11 and the system requirements show that the 2021-2022 program isn’t compatible with Windows 11.

Depends on your specific license. If it’s a commercial license, contact your sales rep for details on your specific license.

If you’re talking about the educational license that teams can get through SolidWorks, then no, you can’t use your license key for your 2021-2022 version of SolidWorks, and use it for the 2022-2023 version. Instead, I would recommend applying for a new set of licenses for your team each year, which will always have you running the latest educational version offered by SolidWorks at the time.

Has anybody noticed that the latest team licenses are…different? 2020-21 expired on July 31, 2022, 2021-22 expires on July 31 2023, but then 2022-23 expires on the same July 31 2023?

Perhaps @mplanchard could provide some insight on that :thinking:

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If it works on windows 10, it should work on 11. To my knowledge the extent of Microsoft’s changes for 11 is a skin change and even more advertising.
Upgrading to 10 is your best bet for compatibility and support though.

The 2022_2023 desktop windows edition will work 1 year from installation. You have to apply for sponsorship again next year get 2023-2024. These are 1 year licenses. There is no upgrade.

The cloud apps will expire June 2023 but they can be renewed. Cloud apps have updates about every two months automatically- like your phone’s OS.

Commercial licenses work differently. Commercial desktop licenses on subscription can be upgraded.

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