Solidworks Loses Mate References With Imported Parts

I have been doing a lot of CAD over the summer, and have continually ran into the same issue. Solidworks (2018) will randomly give me a bunch of errors about missing mate references upon opening a document. The errors are usually with the imported bearing CAD from VEX, but will also extend to other imported files. I have never had an issue with a file I made. All that is required to fix it is to edit the mate and re-select the face/edge that is missing. Does anybody know how to fix this? It is really annoying to have to fix errors when I open a document.

This next picture also confuses me. I have always clicked “yes, replace all other missing mate references” but I have never noticed it actually change anything.

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Some questions to start troubleshooting:
• Are you opening a downloaded SW assembly? A STEP file?
• Do you have a different hex bearing file open with the same name?
• Have you used Import Diagnostics on all your imported STEP files?

These errors tend to happen when the geometry that a part has mates to is deleted or modified in the wrong way. It can also result when a different part file with the same name was open while rebuilding the assembly, causing it to reference geometry on a different type of part than expected.

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I am downloading STEP files from the Vex website. I do not have the bearing file open, but I do have multiple bearings in the assembly with the same name except for a number added in the end (<step 1>,<step 2>, Etc.). I do not run import diagnostics on the files.

Sometimes just deleting the most recent mate that is broken fixes the issue. Also, I want to reaffirm that when vex bearing flats are in the assembly this happens a lot, so i don’t think that’s an isolated issue to you.

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