Solidworks Motion Study, Photoworks, and Cosmos

I was wondering if anyone had any tutorials or a link to site that shows how to use motion study, photoworks and cosmos. Our team and many teams in our area have switched over to solidworks from autocad mechanical and we want to take advantage of these features.

Thanks in advance CD.

For PhotoWorks, Go to Help, SolidWorks Tutorials, PhotoWorks Tutorial.
You will go over inserting materials, changing textures, scenes, applying a label to a surface

For COSMOSMotion, First you must select Tools, Add Ins. Check the COSMOSMotion box.Select Help, COSMOS, COSMOSMotion Tutorial. There are tutorials that you can work through to review a crank-slider and cam motion.Note: COSMOSMotion only is displayed in the FeatureManager if you check the box in Add Ins.

For COSMOSWorks, you will also find 30 plus tutorials under Help, COSMOSWorks for Static analysis of a part or assembly, frequency, buckling, thermal verification, optimization, drop test, design scenarios, pin/bolt connections. Your teacher will be able to login to the customer portal and get additional SolidWorks Tutorials and COSMOS Tutorials. Ask your teacher to download the COSMOS Hands on test drive. It goes through step-by-step in using COSMOS in designing the Seabotix ROV. This is a pretty cool robot.

Also there are 50,000 SolidWorks Users that utilize the SolidWorks Forum, you can ask questions here - users are very helpful. Go to Select the PhotoWorks category. You will have to register but it will be worth it. Also at we have some engineering students that monitor this site for questions. They are pretty talented and can also provide guidance. Marie

If I remember correctly, there is also an included motion study tutorial that allows you to set a part in rotational motion with a few parameters. The tutorial runs you through a 4 bar linkage setup. I don’t remember it being a part of COSMOS though, as I’ve only done the default tutorials and none of the COSMOS ones.