Solidworks PDM?

I build a PDM server for our team to use this year, and made a vault with a bunch of stock FRC parts (battery, new Power Distribution Panel, etc).

I was thinking of sharing my vault publicy with other teams. This would allow us to share our designs and also allow anyone who needs to quickly and easily find stock parts for common items without having to look all over the place.

Any thoughts? I’d have to talk to our Solidworks rep about the legality, but I’d like some feedback from the community.

Would these be solid models? They exist as made by the manufacturer here:

They are, but it’s of everything - all legal motors, pillowblock/bearings, gearboxes, speed controllers, electronics, wheels and hubs, aluminum extrusions + gussets + brackets, motor mounts - almost everything we use.

Sounds like a great resource. I do not see a legality issue with Solidworks. It is a tool, and the models you make with it are yours to do with what you want.

If the workgroup PDM doesn’t work out, you can always upload them to 3-d content central. There are a ton of Solidworks models there and is a good resource. Also Marie Planchard is the Solidworks education rep and may have better thoughts on where and how to locate them. She frequents here or her twitter handle (?) is @mplanchard1

We have both SolidWorks and SolidWorks Electrical model at

The 2015KOP will be posted Saturday afternoon.

These are large zip files containing parts, assemblies and electrical schematics.

Any model you create, you can share. Where you get in trouble is if you get a model file from a component supplier and distribute it. That supplier owns the model. You must ask permission or just list a link.

For example SMC has 1000s of models on I can’t download an SMC model and distribute it.

Hope that helps. Marie

Ok, thanks for clearing that up!

Marie, will there be a SolidWorks version of the field available on Saturday as well?

Working on it. The original field model has some modeling issues. We need to do some clean up. I’ll post here when we have the field