SolidWorks Robot Suite - SolidWorks Electrical - Composer

The SolidWorks Robot Suite is available to all FIRST teams at

This summer we have been busy working with the Blue Cheese FRC 1086 robot to recreate the 2014 KOP to be smarter than ever featuring SolidWorks Electrical. Get ready for the 2015 season. Download the revised August 2014 KOP at to try out SolidWorks and SolidWorks Electrical.

The SolidWorks Robot Suite features
SolidWorks - 3D CAD for modeling, drawing, costing and photo realistic rendering
SolidWorks Simulation - for stress, motion and flow analysis
SolidWorks Electrical - 2D Control and Schematic and 3D Wire Harness
SolidWorks Composer - Technical documentation and Animation

New this year is 25 videos on how to get started with SolidWorks for your robot.

Also new are Hands on Tutorials for SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation SolidWorks Electrical, SolidWorks Composer with the help of our customer SeaBotix. The link to these tutorials can be found in the Getting Started document in the 2014August KOP at

We are preparing the 2015 KOP to be released at kick off. Now is the time to apply for sponsorship and learn about these robot software tools.

Hi Everyone,

Just a note when installing SolidWorks Composer. You will only see SolidWorks Composer Player in the products list when installing.This is only the **Player **and not full Composer. To install full **Composer **you will need to do the following: Uncheck SolidWorks Composer Player and then you will see SolidWorks Composer as an option. By checking SolidWorks Composer it will install both **Composer **and the **Player **so do not check SolidWorks Composer Player. We are currently looking into why this occurs.

Thanks and enjoy the product!

I tried to open the 2015 SOLIDWORKS Electrical Demo Bot file 4621.sldasm but I get some missing files: Harness_72-4621, Harness_74-4621, and Cable_76-4621