SolidWorks scaling problems/SW Toolbox sprocket options


I’m running SolidWorks 2015 on my Surface Book and since the display is really high resolution (2000x3000) SolidWorks ends up making some buttons and stuff really tiny and cuts some stuff off. I’ve tried both solutions to this problem posted in this: thread, as well as setting my screen to a different resolution and most of solidworks is useable but I’m still having issues with text being cut off.

Anyway, I’m trying to make a sprocket from the SW toolbox and as you can see in my attached screenshot, I can’t read any of the menu options.

Short term solution: Can someone send me a screenshot of what the menu options for a SolidWorks toolbox sprocket are?

Long term solution: other than upgrading to SW 2016 which supports high resolution screens better, and the solutions I’ve already tried, does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this problem?



I have a screen of basically the same resolution, and the font size for all of your buttons looks much bigger than the ones for mine. Do you have display scaling turned on for Solidworks? You don’t want this - it will just make text bigger and result in these kind of problems.


This is from solidworks 2016, but it should be the same menu. If not, let me know and I might be able to find something running 2015.


My screen is 3840x2160, and to run Solidworks in a way that I can actually read it, I have to cut the resolution in half (1920x1080) to use it in any useful way. I have heard that the 2016-17 version will support UHD screens. More details here.