SolidWorks Swamped. Working To Fulfill All.

Since Saturday, we have been working all out to fulfill orders.

Teams that apply at will receive an email with a unique serial number and download location.

Our software is not inside the kop. You must apply. Please be patient.

Your worker Chris M. Provided absolutely amazing customer service helping out with a license issue I was having. Thanks for all you do for these teams!

What is an approximate wait time for the activation keys? Also what solidworks products are given?

It’s Friday. Since Kickoff, we filled hundreds of sponsorship applications for SolidWorks software. We are taking priority to all FRC teams.

We are averaging 3 business days for FRC teams this week. Why?

Everything we do must go through Export Compliance - yes, whether you live in USA, Mexico, Israel, UAE, Canada or Antarctica (we have research robots there).

SolidWorks must generate a unique serial number for every FRC team and that will last 1 year.

SolidWorks is very valuable to our customers and highly pirated. We must take this procedure. If you do not receive your software within three business days from your application, send me a private message on chief delphi.

Fill out all fields in the address form - even a dash if you dont have a second address line.

It might take a little bit to get SolidWorks, but after designing laboratory robot systems for years, teaching CAD and robotics in school, I know you will love SolidWorks as much as I do. Marie

We are averaging 3 business days.

SolidWorks Robot Suite contains:

SolidWorks Premium 2013 (based on the student edition, watermarked)
SolidWorks Simulation Premium (stress, thermal, design interation, vibration, drop test)
SolidWorks Sustainability
SolidWorks Flow Simulation
SolidWorks Plastics
Workgroup PDM
SolidWorks Electrical

If you have mentors that uses SolidWorks at work, they can open our files - just keep education files away from commerical work so they do not intermix with commerical files from the company.