Solidworks Tutorials?

I got solidworks recently and I started using it last night. I managed to make the base of our robot most likely horrible compared to most standards. I’d like to learn how to use solidworks the right way and all the little tricks and tips. Anyone know any good tutorials that have worked for them.

The base I’ve made:](

The tutorials packaged with SolidWorks are some of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen. Especially for being packaged with the software. I would start there.

Hi Andy,

I would begin with SolidWorks Tutorials available from the Help file. Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 are a good place to start. Then I would do lessons that has to do with machined parts or assembies. If you are working in sheetmetal and need to create a flat pattern, then step through the Sheet Metal tutorial. In the summer, work through the tutorials in plastics, mold design, animation and photorealistic rendoring - right now you dont have time with the competition deadline fast approaching.

SolidWorks made a series of robot tutorials with movie files at to help you. There is a .pdf file to download to introduce simple parts and assemblies.At the bottom of the page you can download all 14 tips to design better robots.

The biggest tip I can give you in robot design is don’t create any component that you can obtain the model file from or another source.

You can also getting SolidWorks assembly modeling tips on the Chassis and other assemblies at

Great start for the first night of solidworks! It looks like you have some “magic” mates in there – detailing those out and mating them like you’d physically assemble them is a great way to progress forward.

There’s also a SolidWorks for Dummies book available with good tips for beginners through to experienced users. You can order it online or you might even find it at a local Barnes & Nobel or Borders.


I made a movie for you on how to use 3dcontentcentral for just First Robotics.


Andy, I’m so glad you decided to join the EWCP…b/c…

I learned from those in a day and the advanced stuff if awesome, use it as a reference as you go along.:cool:

Why are the two front wheels different?