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In the game materials section, there is a link to a file that says you need Solidworks 2022 to open it. I installed Solidwork on Nov. 29th. On the page I downloaded it from, it says that the version is “2021-2022”. But when I start the installed Solidworks it says “Solidworks 2021”. Do I have the latest version of Solidworks I am entitled to and need?

I’d try it first, to see if it opens anyway.
If the field isn’t opening for you, then yes, that’s your problem. Student 2022-23 = SOLIDWORKS 2022 usually.

(I am just using the step files this year :sweat_smile: they open fine in 2019 or platform of your choice.)

The nice people at the SOLIDWORKS sponsorship program will be happy to set you up with a license key for the latest version. Generally we only have had to switch every other year, but it’s possible to switch every year.

I noticed the same thing. Field opens fine in EDU 2021-22.

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