Solidworks Weights

Is there a way I can tell solidworks that a part weighs a certain amount without having to put in a density? For fast CAD’ing, I know how much components weigh because I can weight them; but finding their volume is another matter and it’s faster to simply weigh each piece and put it in a spreadsheet and create a simple representation of the part without all the nooks and crannies.

However, since I want to be able to simply go to our final robot drawing and then “mass properties” to get the weight, a spreadsheet will not suffice. I’d also like to put the weight on the bill of materials.

Any ideas?

Under Mass Properties, you ought to find a check box that reads “Assigned Mass Properties”. Choosing this will make the mass information user definable and you ought to be able to set it yourself. You can see that I use it frequently for KoP and COTS items.](

Yes in SolidWorks you can assign a custom mass/weight to a part or assembly and then link that information to the drawing through Custom Properties. You are going about setting a custom mass the correct way but now you need some additional steps.

For a part of assembly, select tools, mass properties. Enter the value for the mass.

In the ConfigurationManager, right-click Default. Click Custom Properties.

Select Weight for Property Name. Select from the drop downlist “Mass” for Value. You need to use the SW-Mass

Now create your drawing, use the predefined BOM template that contains Mass. You mass from the model will be displayed.

There is a movie of the solution at

Good luck. Marie