Can you get solidworks for free using FIRST? If so, how?

Marie Planchard (mplanchard) posts here on CD and is extremely helpful with all things Solidworks related.

You will get as many licenses as team members you put in the survey.

You can expect your discs to come in the mail within two weeks. Ours came in one week.

In our package, we received three discs with 25 licences between them. It is important to keep the papers which come with the disk somewhere central/safe.

I love SolidWorks, but my only quibble is that you can’t use your license to create an online account. This means you can’t download any service packs. I know this because I have contacted Solidworks support who told me I can’t create an account with my version.( they also told and that my license is registered to a student in France!). This really isn’t a problem, because they already give you the latest version (ours was 2011 sp something).

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