OK here it goes, Do you think that we will be receiving versions of solidworks in our kop instead of autodesk? I know that solidworks has joined with first

Nope, I think we’ll still have Inventor come January.

Autodesk has been a significant supporter of FIRST for years now, and there are two awards based entirely on their participation in FIRST.

I don’t see that changing anytime soon

I think we should. Even though Inventor has some cool stuff that SolidWorks does not have, SolidWorks is easier to use. It is really helpful when rookie teams need to learn a CAD program in a short amount of time.

I learned to use Inventor in less than a week by myself.

The WRRF held a workshop where a representative from Autodesk came and showed us how to use Inventor and someone from my team who had never touched the software before was making parts by the end of the day. Im sure plenty of other people there were too.

Not to say that Solidworks isn’t easier, I’ve never used it, wouldn’t know, but Inventor is definitely not hard to learn.

Furthermore, Im guessing not a lot of rookie teams use CAD for that matter.

the only reason i would say a switch to solidworks would be good is because it is more commonly used in the working world…the engineering firm i worked at used a ton of different software but when coustmers wanted things 99% of the exporting was to solid works…solid works would be a better tool to prepaire for the real world.

i still love inventor but i use solidworks just as much now

I use solidworks all the time at college. Maybe because that is what I was tought on. I will agree that it is a great program that is simple to use for beginers and can be complicated if you need it to be

Not to mention the fact that Autodesk has an office within walking distance from FIRST HQ up in Manch-Vegas.

I think we would have heard something about it by now since the article is from February 2003. Autodesk and FIRST have such close ties that I dont think we will see a change this year. I guess we will just have to wait and see though.