Solo climb to level 3?

I simply cannot conceptualize a design that allows a robot to independently climb to the highest level without greatly compromising its ability to participate in the rest of the game. The best solution seems like it’d be one that involves a specialized drive base, but then this would prohibit any type of omni-directional drive system that would provide great advantages in scoring points and outmaneuvering defenders.

Any thoughts/concepts?

I’ve been watching How tf do you get on the top platform and Strategy for Climbing to 3rd Deck, some of the responses are sarcastic, but it has some pretty good ideas.

Strategy for Climbing to 3rd Deck What I’ve posted in another thread; I’m fairly sure this is what we’ll be doing but the team hasn’t made any decisions final just today. I don’t imagine it’ll compromise too much - in fact, sheathes for this might supply additional support to an elevator or something of that sort.