Solo Rocket Club


I’m sure there is already a thread discussing something similar, but I am curious on how many solo rockets other FRC teams have successfully completed.

For example:
5460 Strike Zone, is up to 10 solo rocket completions in quals/elim matches
-1 rocket at FIM Milford
-9 rocket(s) at FIM East Kentwood



3863 did four during their competition season. Two in practice matches, another two during qualifications.

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3647 started doing rockets at Idaho this weekend, did 1 in a practice match then 9 more in qualification matches.

At our earlier events we mainly focused on the cargoship, mostly unsure about our rocket abilities, but with our new vision system we’re able to focus more on the rocket RP in qualification matches.

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1918 did 2 in qualification matches at East Kentwood.

2054 did one in eliminations.

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319 had 2 in quals and would have had 4 but lost coms do to a mysterious coms gremlin at exactly 30 seconds left in both matches and only 2 cargo left to finish it



I have a feeling this is gonna be a huuuuuge club. Anyway, 3538 was the only team at Alpena 2 to solo a rocket, with 5 rockets completed on their own. I was hoping for 3538 and 33 to get double rockets, but 2834 decided to be party poopers (and good ones too) :frowning_face:



230 did a solo rocket at Western NE with time to do a level 3 climb.



308 in FIM Troy Qualification Match 30.

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@KaranY @Brian_Maher
I’ve seen 2791 do the rocket all the time. I do not recall the amounts.

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2974 here in PCH has done 8 or 9 solo completed rockets.

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I don’t know exactly how many they solo’ed, but I know 1747 solo’ed at least 2 at IND-Center Grove this past weekend

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95 and (I believe) 125 both completed solo rockets at Central MA this weekend.

As soon as a team did it once or twice lots of defense started being deployed, so it wasn’t a frequent occurrence.

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Team 1690 got at least one solo rocket at both ISR #1 and #3. Not sure about the exact number.

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1747 completed 4 solo rockets last weekend at the Center Grove District. One additional completed rocket had one cargo placed by a partner. There was an additional complete one that we lost due to a hatch panel falling off and cargo rolling out. We’ve been within 1 game piece at least 5 more times this season, but because of “help” we were unable to complete them.

We also had one solo rocket at the Tippecanoe District.



BERT 133 did a solo rocket and a Hab 3 climb at RI last week and STILL lost the match :dizzy_face:
(did get us 2RP’s though, which was nice)



I know 2056 and 1241 completed at least a few at Waterloo alone.



179 was dominant at South Florida completing a rocket in 5 out of their 6 playoff matches. The popular strategy against the 1 seed was either to defend 180 and 5872 on the other half of the field or to play no defense. Both let 179 run around uncontested, and both were ineffective.

It was pretty fun to watch.



I believe 5 Texas teams have done solo rockets.

118, 148, 2468, 3310, and 3847



Should this really be a club if there are and is going to be so many robots that can do it? If this thread catches on then this thread will quickly hit 200 replies and any semblence of a club will be gone. If not then I guess I’ll start a “can move during sandstorm club”



I doubt there are over 200 robots total that can solo a rocket, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is less than 100. It’s certainly a prestigious club to belong to!

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