[SOLVED] Indiana gets an extra Championship spot?

Congrats to CyberTooth 3940 for getting a slot and competing this weekend on Newton! They have had a really fantastic year, winning my home district event week 1 and ranking very high in the state. I’m glad to see them compete on the world stage.

I went to go see which team declined to open up this spot at https://frc.divisions.co/qualification, and to my surprise it currently shows that 11 teams from Indiana have a spot now, one more than it’s capacity. Is this true, or is this information out of date? I’d assume 292 and 5188 were probably offered the spot first but understandably couldn’t make it on such short notice. Again, congrats to 3940!

3940 qualified for the 2023 WCMP via the Open Waitlist. Any district teams that receive an invitation to the WCMP via the Open Waitlist qualify in addition to that district system’s typical WCMP allocation.

The same goes for the Priority Waitlist - ex. FRC 103, 341, and 365 qualified for the 2023 WCMP via Priority Waitlist in addition to FIRST Mid-Atlantic’s standard WCMP allocation of 23 teams.


Thank you, I guess I was just confused because the qualification reason was listed as district points, whereas 103 for example is listed as wait list lottery.

It was probably just a wrong input on the back-end somewhere. I guess I read a little too far into it. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Interesting, looks like this happened in the Texas and New England districts as well.

Thanks for the congrats. I can confirm that 3940 received a waitlist spot. Thanks to our awesome sponsors - specifically AndyMark, Society of Women Engineers, Apple, and Bayer we were able to accept the invitation, arrange for our robot to travel down, and had funding in place for our team to travel and compete. We’re excited to be an additional team representing Indiana at the FIRST Championship.

See you there!


Thanks for the report- I did a pass to clean up some suspected waitlist recipients. Unfortunately FIRST does not publish a list of waitlist qualifying teams, hence this disclaimer on my site:

Qualification methods are determined from multiple data sources and by the process of elimination so there may be some errors.


Ahh, my bad, I should have read the disclaimer :grin: Thank you for compiling all this information into one convenient site, it is a very helpful tool!

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That’s awesome Liz! I’m so glad your team is able to make this trip work, especially on such short notice. See you soon!

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