'Solved' Plugin installed

I just installed the ‘Solved’ plugin, which will allow the original author to mark a reply as the accepted solution/answer to their initial question.

I have to enable it on a per-category basis, and have done so on all the Technical categories (and subcategories). If there are others that need it, let me know.

Here is where you can mark a reply as the solution:

Thanks to @tkdberger for the suggestion/reminder to install this.

As an example, an accepted solution looks like this:


This is the right answer.

Yeah, well it’s kinda cheating if your answer your own question isn’t it?



Thank you for this plugin, this will greatly improve my browsing experience. I’m sure many others will appreciate this as well.

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Fixed it :wink:

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Not on Stack Overflow/Exchange it isn’t (FRC SE when?), although with this being a more traditional forum it wouldn’t make much sense to have two separate posts for a question and answer if you already knew what the answer was.

I guess if you asked, kept working the problem, and then posted a reply answer it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I’m hoping we can avoid the stack overflow trend of “closed as duplicate question, good luck finding it yourself because we’re sure not going to mention where the other one is”


I find closed as dupe more frustrating when your question is actually a dupe, but the dupe doesn’t turn up in search. At least we have this now:

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