Solved The Rubik's Cuber

Has anyone solved a Rubik’s Cube in a since that they can solve it again. I can solve it, now almost everyone on my team can/is trying to solve it

Got one before the busride to bayou and could almost solve, but we took a break and I lost it. :frowning: Over 100+ hours and still no solution yet…

My fastest time was around a minute (I think 1:10), almost speedcubing but not quite :rolleyes: one of our student leaders is really fast with it too, and I know a girl on 226 who solved the 4x4 (by herself, without any hints from the internet or anything).

Does this, by any chance, help explain your avatar, that I have forever been fascinated by, but never could figure out what it is? :stuck_out_tongue: I know it’s a long shot, but hey, blocks, assembly… all similar?? (mk maybe not…)

:cool: Jacob

Solving the cube just takes patience and lots of notes.

The best suggestion that I ever received was to take a small notebook and record my movements. From there, I figured out how my movements translated onto the cube, and it helped me learn how to move it based on where I wanted it to go.

Also, it’s best when recording movements to split it up into layers and sides. Establish a “top” color (I always start with white on top. On a typical cube, this means yellow is on the bottom) and stick with it - always start solving the cube with that color on top. If you’re just learning how to solve it, this really helps!

However, my ultimate advice is to find a mentor who already knows how to solve it. I had a great friend, one of the kindest men in FIRST, take the time to sit down with me on my lunch breaks and teach me some moves a half hour at a time. He never gave me the solution, but taught me the moves that I needed to figure it out on my own. Sometimes, having someone that can teach you just shows you another way to do what you’ve been doing, but in less moves.

I’m happy to help with any tips I can if you’re interested. Good luck!

Haha, not quite. I think I just googled “robot avatar” or “icon” or something and found it, at first I didn’t think I’d be posting too much so it wouldn’t make that big of a deal. I’m not the type to change stuff around often, so it stayed :slight_smile: The Rubik’s cube was more of just a hobby I did. But if you want to think of it that way, go ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a guy at a local bar that was having people challenge him to pay for his dinner/drinks if they could mess up the Rubik’s cube enough to not solve it in under 50 seconds, his record time was something like 48 seconds. It was amazing how fast he could do it. He left that night with free dinner and drinks and probably $50 in cash.

I wish I could do that.

I can do them in about 3 minutes, but I cheated and looked up the solution patterns.

All the crazy stuff like under two minutes and with your eyes closed is beyond my reach, that is without far more work than I want to put into it.

I got a cube for my birthday and memorized the instructions in like 3 days and now I can do it in 2:20.

Note to self: How to pay for college, learn to speed cube.

Before you start planning on paying for college, speed cubing is less than 30 seconds for a 3x3. The winner in Toronto this fall averaged under 15 seconds for 5 solves.

Actually guys, to burst your bubble a tiny bit -

Solving the cube consistently under two minutes is fairly easy. The only thing it requires is practice, which few are willing to dedicate enough time to doing. I used to travel a lot for my job and used to practice every time I was in the airport or on a plane, and in three months I learned the cube well enough to average 1:30.

Personal record means little. I’ve solved the cube in under a minute, sure - think about it, there’s only one solution and tons of ways to solve it! It just depends on how ‘messed up’ the cube is when you start. I used to ask others to mess it up for me, until I realized that many times the cube looks more messed up than it really is, and it’s closer to solution than I would have liked.

Most of time, when you see people solving it on TV and the like (especially when it’s blindfolded, behind their backs, etc.), they’ve memorized the ‘messed up’ pattern and have practiced it over and over. I will admit that there are people out there that can just view the cube for a few seconds and memorize the pattern instantly, then solve without looking at it.

Solving in under a minute isn’t hard, but if it puts you through college, you can certainly play it up to be!


I’ve played with it enough my best time is 44 seconds but i usually average about a minute

I got two faces done on one until my brother scrambled it =(

But to do you one better, I have a SODUKU rubix cube. 1-9 on each face, to complete all must be facing the same direction. THAT takes patience.

I shall bring one with me if anyone wants to try it (I’m attending Cleveland, St Lois and Atlanta this year)

you should all see this: