Solving some FRC tools connecting problems for non-US teams

:yikes: Hello guys,
I wanna share with you some instructions that I think FIRST should mention on every FRC Tools guide but it don’t , and every year we forget about it.
A huge number of countries(such as my team country, Brazil), have a different decimal mark, in example , Brazil is coma so: 1,333333, is a decimal number, while 1.333333 is the same number in US.
Because of that difference , FRC tools have trouble in connecting with cRIO/robot/etc, since it uses your computer region decimal mark to construct the IP address it will connect.
All you have to do is going to Control Panel» Clock, Language and Region» Region click on more option button , and change the decimal to “.” .
Hope it help you .
Ps.: we just lost about 8 hours on it yesterday Haha.

Which tool didn’t handle it? I’ll file a bug report.

Greg McKaskle