Some 2022 Beta test questions

I am reviewing the current list of 2022 changes just to familarize myself with them before kickoff; I am assuming there will be changes but anything helps.

For the teams actually in the Beta test I have a couple of what should be very simple questions:
1 - Can the component motor controllers that are specified in the MotorControllerGroup be different types: i.e. TalonSRX and VictorSPX?
2 - Using a MotorControllerGroup, how would be best to specify motor controller manufacture options? i.e. ConfigFactoryDefaults. Or similarly accessing encoders connected to one of the motor controllers?

Probably more to come with the Kickoff in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!

Anyway just some simple questions. Thanks!

  1. Yes they can be and there was no change to this in 2022.
  2. Assigning to a MotorControllerGroup does not restrict how you can configure the MotorController. You can configure that as normal. If you have specific questions about what you are configuring let us know!
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  1. Yes. They can be different types.

  2. You would still specify motor controller options in the constructor. motor1.setCurrentLimit() for example

  3. I have been moving toward just using motorFollow.setFollow(motorLead) sort of setup without MotorControllerGroup, and then just put the lead motors in when instantiating the DifferentialDrive. I think it is easier to do it that way. edit: Since you mention different motor controllers, that may not be possible, but Iā€™d look closer since you can have a some follow each other over CAN.

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