Some Blank Code That you Know works

We are having a horrible time with trying to download our code into the robot. We were wondering if anyone had some blank code that you have not modified, but you are 100% sure works, this way we can try and download it to see if it works on our computer.

These are two things we would like:
-The code: FrcCode.mcp
-The Hex file: FrcCode.hex

This would be of great help if you are 100% sure it works. This way we can compile the FrcCode.mcp to see if it works, and also if the FrcCode.hex works. If one works and one doesn’t then that could tell us whether it is the compiler we are using or if it is something else. Thanks a lot.

Either post a direct link for us to download from or email:


This newly released gyro driver is sure to work, and will give you regular control over the robot in user mode.

FrcCode_default.hex, it comes with the 2005 default code, and is precompiled

FrcCode.mcp is not the code. It’s a project file to ‘glue’ the code together. The code is all the .C and .H files.

Yes we know abou the default code that is precompiled. That code works fine, we can transfer it to the robot and everything runs smoothly.

Yes we know that the .mcp one is not a hex file or can be downloaded to the robot. What we are asking for is if anyone has a project file and all of the files that are untouched by them, and you know it will work when compiled, if you could give them to us. The reason for this is, is that we want to see that if we compile these if they work. If it doesn’t work, and since you said it worked on yours, then that means that something is wrong with our compiler/compiler settings. If it does work, and it is the same as the code we have, then that also shows something is wrong with our compiler.

Also we would like the .hex file as well b/c if that works and the project files you gave us didn’t work, then we can further find our problem.

We do not want any code you have written, just code that you know works when you downloaded it from the internet to your computer, and to the robot, w/o being changed.

Thanks again for all of your help.

~Team 612

Ummm, except for default code, someone “wrote” all of the code, except for the default code. I agree with the above comment. Kevin Watson’s code is excellent. I know that the code he wrote for the kickoff works. You saw it work. It is available at