Some Helpful Featurescripts

Over the past few days I’ve written a few helpful featurescripts. Currently I have

  • Shaft Generator (Thunderhex, 1/2" hex, 3/8" hex, churro, and churro lite) with up-to-face option

  • Spacer generator (round, 1/2" hex, and 3/8" hex)

  • Fillet face. Lets you choose a face and a perpendicular edge, then fillets all parallel edges connected to that face- one click gusset filleting!

Here’s the link. I expect to add more soon- let me know if you have any requests.


I look forward to reading through these and comparing them with my own implementations. Well done!

Good stuff! There are definitely some notable improvements to these over some of the stuff I’ve seen out there.

Onshape and the feature script boys.

We aren’t an Onshape team, but I admire the work you guys do for the ones that are. Keep up the good work! :+1:

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Send help.



I’ve added a slightly-prettier (and slightly faster?) version of Marcus’s chain path generator, based on his work of course. It also adds a script that lets you make chains in-place instead of making them and translating them, which has the bonus effect of measuring the distance for you.

Link in the OP should work.