Some Helpful Featurescripts

This is it here. I have another Tube Converter feature at 1/16" and it is correct. I can’t even change this one. Holes where all added after converting in case that may be of concern.

I can’t replicate this behavior on the most recent version of Tube Converter (V173). Please make sure you’re using the official version and up to date (which you can do by right-clicking on the script and selecting “update”):


If you are up to date, please let me know if there’s a reliable way to reproduce this- like what options are set when “hole pattern” is checked?

I am on the most recent version.

From my testing it occurs when:

  • “Hole Pattern” Is unchecked
  • “2” Face Style" Is set to MAXTube
  • MAXTube Style has no effect.

If hole pattern is unchecked you can’t do anything else with the other settings so it shouldn’t affect anything. Have you tried just deleting the feature and redoing it?

Yeah it shouldn’t but somehow that made the issue occur. I just redid the feature and it’s fine but it’s weird that this has happened to me a couple of times.

It sounds like there’s an issue with hidden parameters still having an effect then - with FeatureScript, a parameter being hidden in the UI doesn’t automatically mean it can’t still affect the output.

3 requests for the shaft featurescript:

  1. Default on Rounded hex + bolt/washer retention since its the most common type for frc designers using onshape
  2. add 1/16 offset on both sides for bolt/washer retention to account for bearing, makes parametric cad a bit simpler when using up to face
  3. rename REV Rounded hex to Generic Rounded Hex since wcp/vex also sell the same product

and TTB!

[citation needed]

Instead I’ve made the shaft/spacer scripts remember your previous inputs, so whichever you use most often will be default.

You can do this using the “offset” / “end offset” inputs. I won’t make this an invisible default because it could be confusing to people who are not intending to add outside-facing flanged bearings.

I have in the script that REV hex has a 4mm center hole while Thunderhex has a 0.201" hole. If this isn’t accurate any more let me know.


Thanks! Your responses to both 1 and 2 make a lot of sense, but both WCP and TTB also sell rounded hex with a 4mm/0.159in center hole (for a #10 tap), and though Thunderhex used to be sized for #10 clearance or 1/4-20 tap, and it still says so in the description, the product itself now says 0.159" ID.