Some intro to programming resources

Tomorrow, I am going to begin a few days of teaching intro to CS in my English 9 courses. We are reading Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, and, just like FIRST, CS is one of the many ways Randy Pausch enabled the dreams of others.

I have done this in my classes for a few years now, and this is the first year I have attempted to merge many of the resources I have used in the past with many of the resources we use on the team.

As the goal is similar to the hour of code, there is a great variety of activities which may give off a “lets throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks” sort of vibe, but that is actually not far from the goal (of course I would be lying if I did not also admit that I use this mini-unit as a tool for recruitement for the team and our engineering program as well).

Anyway, I have learned so much about programming from this community I always want to give back any way I can. So, I thought I would share in case they could help anyone.

I am also open to any feedback if anyone has any suggestions.

Here they are.


+1 for using Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture!

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