Some IR@H Leaderboard Data

I’d figure that since IR@H submissions are closed I’d toy around with some of the data. Using the global leaderboard that @mjansen4857 made I threw together a graph of the average rank of the top 5 teams per group. I’m not sure what this number really represents, maybe something along the lines of the competitiveness or difficulty of a group, but I think it’s neat to look at nonetheless.

It’s not that pretty of a graph, but hopefully it can lead to some insight. again, huge thanks to mjansen for the global leaderboard website, it made IR@H feel much more like an actual competition that I think it would have otherwise!


We had high expectations heading into the season. We were proud to make the top 5 in IRHAG, and even more so now. Thanks for the graph!


Am I missing IRHSR on that graph or is there a misspelling on the graph?

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I really figured with the randomness of it that this would be a bit more distributed. It is an interesting graph.


it’s 19th down. there are some groups i couldnt add though because the global leaderboard wasn’t showing the group when i put in the code.

I think grabbing the top 5, or even top 10, is a good idea. There are a lot of teams with no scores unfortunately. There’s always the “yeah we’re 8th place in XX division, but we’d be 1st in YY” argument.

What is shocking to me is that there are teams in the 100s who only did 4 challenges. If they had gotten all 5 in they may have been top 10

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I’m assuming you mean 18th. The IRNSR which is a typo?

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oops on both fronts, yeah that’s supposed to be IRHSR.

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There are two ways to rank the global leader board. Hit the menu button, “Best 3 scores” (which is how the FIRST scoring worked) or “Overall Performance” which includes all five.

And to go on to why some teams didn’t submit all five scores. They read FIRSTs rules and designed a robot to win three. For a stellar example, see the 2337 mini bot which doesn’t have a shooter

…and incidentally is the unofficial winner of – according to OPs chart – the hardest division.


Nice! Thanks for that.

Hydrogen was a bit spicy… or should I say explosive.

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Nice graph, definitely interesting to see the variation in groups.

Also, a bit off-topic but I wanted to share my MoKan leaderboard for you. I likewise pulled the data off the global board (thanks!) and then put the raw scores through the FIRST excel score calculator to treat it like it was its own group. From CD, it sounds like sorting by regional group might be a feature that gets added, though I don’t know if that will re-compute the score like it was a group and assume it won’t. MOKAN Scores 2021 IRAH - Google Sheets



I had a data issue and needed to recompute everything. It is all fixed now, and permissions are updated. MOKAN Scores 2021 IRAH - Google Sheets

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Hey Andrew,
Thanks for putting this together.
I’m not a stats guy, but is it safe to say the group that we were in (Antimony IRHSB) would be considered fairly competitive/difficult?

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Is this based on “Best 3” or “All 5”?

best 3 scores, not overall performance

Thanks. In any event, there appear to be teams missing from the Global leaderboard for some reason. For example, in IRHNI FRC Event Web : Rankings team 3339 placed second, but I can’t find them in the global leaderboard.

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I would definitely say so. The average global rank of the group winner was 45, and the average global rank of the runner up was 101. Knowing that the top 4 teams of IRHSB all had a rank under 45 really goes to show how competitive of a group it was. Frankly we were just excited to have gotten 5th, but knowing how competitive the group was really makes me happy with how we performed.

weird, heres the top 10 teams of IRHNI. 3339 is there for me

Yeah, I see them that way too. I just sorted by team number and scrolled through and didn’t see them – which I just realized is because there are no scrollbars for some reason – if I shrunk down to a much smaller font I saw them.