Some IRI Stuff

Lol This is what I do when I get bored on a weekend:)

So I started out on a mission on finding out about the other teams going to IRI since I’ve been seeing a lot of post regarding IRI from funny posts like “2017 IRI Predictions”, which might I say I honestly thought it was a serious thing until I continued reading. To some more serious ones like “2017 IRI Bracket Challenge”, which I’m liking how many times my team shows up in the brackets.

But I decided to do some stuff with The Blue Alliance Data and the amazing work by Jaci in her post that ranks teams in divisions, which I find very inciteful. Thanks you.
IRI Statistics.xlsx (23.9 KB)
First Thing, after ELO Rankings I got curious about was how long the teams that were attending have been around. Because my team only being a 2ed year team I feel is very lucky to be invited.

This is the number of years since the teams rookie year.

1 25-year-old team
2 21-year-old teams
3 20-year-old teams
3 19-year-old teams
4 18-year-old teams
4 17-year-old teams
1 16-year-old team
2 15-year-old teams
4 14-year-old teams
1 13-year-old team
6 12-year-old teams
6 11-year-old teams
7 10-year-old teams
6 9-year-old teams
3 8-year-old teams
4 6-year-old teams
7 5-year-old teams
1 4-year-old team
1 3-year-old team
2 2-year-old teams

After All that I got curious where the teams going were from and I remembered just before worlds I believe someone made a map on Google maps with all the teams in the world on it. so I figured how hard could it be?

So I made this with the location data from The Blue Alliance so its only to the city but still interesting none the less

If I have any wrong data or have made some errors let me know, and what other stuff do you find interesting about 2017 IRI?

IRI Statistics.xlsx (23.9 KB)

IRI Statistics.xlsx (23.9 KB)

Cool. A bigger catchment area than I expected. IRI still attracts teams from far and wide!

That’s why I decided to make a map because I mean most offseason events don’t pull from very far away so I was curious what one as prestigious as IRI did.

Very cool. Thanks for doing this, and good luck!

Same to You! and hope to see you there.