some new graphix..for team 701 page

can u pls judge this page layout etc… it isn’t really final i just need some comments on it thanx…

btw…i am not exactly a webpage designer…more of a 3d graphix person …so i’m not sure how good the interface is etc… :ahh:

hopefully it is aesthetically pleasing tho :smiley:

Those are some pretty cool graphics for a robotics website. But there is a weird image those shows up down the right side of the page and under the ‘101’ on the bottom left. Other than that, looks nice and your menu options have the right content. Keep it up :]

Thank you for the comments…
actually it says 701 not 101…i will make it clearer 2 read

I can’t see the wierd image that ur talking about? can u please clarify

Those little boxes on the right side.

okay…i see now … that is TRIPOD (arrgghhh)s fault…i think on my computer it doesn’t show the advertisement but on others it shows it … this causes the page to look messed up because the banner makes the page to wide etc…
(Actually that little orange square is for the background image to fill the gap in between the Robot at the top grinding, and the sparks on the side of the menu)
but if put a wider BG image it should be solved


Personally, I think you need to limit yourself to fewer fonts and colors. That greenish yellow color doesn’t go very nicely with the reds/oranges in the page. Also, I see three or four different fonts, using more than two, IMO, gets confusing. Other than that, it looks good.

wow. nice graphix. i like the layout and especially like the colors. I do agree with evulish in that you are almost over the line of having tooo much to look at. Nice job.