Some OnShape Hints & Tips from T2530

This Fall, we switched from Inventor (we liked it, but it’s no longer loaded on school PCs) to OnShape. As we trained, we found this quick “hints & tips” document to a helpful reference for many of the frequently-used commands we use during build season. We hope you find it useful, too!

OnShape Link:

GrabCAD Link:

Awesome stuff. We moved from Inventor to OnShape for the exact same reason this season and don’t regret it for a second. I liked the tip about naming mates, I find myself taking more time than I’d like figuring out what’s mated to what.

Thank you for your comments! You are right: naming constraints has been very helpful - esp. when sharing and debugging models.
One thing I did not post (maybe v1.1?) is renaming contexts too (for the same reasons). This is equally helpful, if you start to have a lot of them.

Thanks for the share! I love the step by step annotations on the screenshots.