Some Onshape Tools

My FTC team transitioned from Fusion 360 to Onshape for CAD over the summer, and to take full advantage of Onshape’s configuration and scripting capabilities (we needed some practice as well), we made a bunch of general mechanical components that we thought could be useful in the coming season.

These include power transmission components (gears, bevel gears, sprockets, etc.), as well as featurescripts to create general belt and chain paths. My personal favorite is a pocketing script that builds a sketch from the ground up, enabling features like variable strut widths.

The document can be found here. I hope some people will find it helpful.


fwiw, some of these already exist(ie the bolt tool can be replaced by using standard content), but a lot of these are pretty neat.

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Not sure if anyone else has the same issue, but I don’t seem to have permission to access the document

One data point that I can access the document. It can be copied and exported.

Some updates as of V24:

  • Internal spur gears added as an option to the Gear page
  • Bevel gears have an option for a mate connector at the apex of the pitch cone to help with positioning
  • Constant force springs added to the Spring featurescript. If you input the total length, it calculates the OD of the body based on how much spring is left. Extension and compression springs have the option to generate either coils or a simplified cylindrical body. If you want a dynamic spring, you can use an assembly context.

Next up: documentation…