Some questions about the Toronto regional

After talking with some of our team members who went to last year’s regional (I myself couldn’t go), there were two points of consensus among many of the people:

  1. They weren’t wild about the food.
  2. They found that there was a lot of downtime.

This brings me to the point of this thread. First, we have been toying with the idea of having a tailgate party in the parking lot with burgers and hot dogs and whatever else. We would bring our own BBQs and cook out there. It would also save quite a bit of money ($2 per person per day rather than $10, multiplied by however many people we bring).
As for the questions:

  1. Is it even legal in Canada to have tailgate parties?
  2. Is this feasible? That is, would we have enough time to do this (Fri and Sat only) and is it a good idea?
  3. Is this allowed by FIRST / the venue?

As for the second comment, we’re also thinking of bringing a TV and video games (specifically gamecube and Super Smash Bros. Melee for a tournament amongst our team and others, if they want to join / there are slots. Are there power outlets outside the pits available where this can be setup? Also, again, is this allowed by FIRST / the venue?

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.

How about during the down time you and your team mates go to the stands and cheer for the other teams there, walk around the pits and meet new people or just go in the stands and make as much noise your team can to make everyone the regional a really high spirited one.

I am not objected to your suggestions, its just that its a FIRST regional not a football game or a video game tournament.

Your best bet would be to contact Vance Scott, Regional Director of Canada. I’m sure he’s been by your school some time during the build season as he has done with most or even all Toronto teams. Here’s a link to his contact info.

Downtime?! There are 65 other teams to see this year. There is work to be done in the pits, in scouting, etc. I have always found the Greater Toronto Regional to be a wealth of fun due to the international diversity, the large number of teams, and the wonderful setup. How large is your team? We have 24 students and keep them busy at all times (pits, drive team scouting, scouting, videotaping).

Regarding the tailgate - maybe that would make 639 members wake up earlier and get to the pits on time :wink: Regarding the gaming competition - I can’t believe that there’s not enough to do during the actual competition to be playing games in the pits. Do that in your hotel.

Kyle and Yan -

Yes, I agree that there’s lots of stuff to do, I’m just passing on the message for the team. I wasn’t there last year, but I will be for this one, and I’m pretty excited by it.

Philip W -

Thanks for the suggestion, will do.