Some Questions

Here are some questions my team has come up with so far.

  1. What is the max height a robot can reach in the opponent’s home stretch? (in the manual it says 6ft but that contradicts the video shown on the kick-off)

2)Is the homestretch only considered the 1/4 section or the entire half their section is? I look at the drawing it it seemed it was only to the finish line however some member believed it was the entire half.

  1. Can you turn your robot around after the overpass and lift a ball up? ( Lets say i pass the opponents overpass, can I then turn 180degress and place a ball on top? )

Thanks for any help!

Unlimited; Update #1 repealed <G36>.

You are correct; it is the 1/4 section. See Section 6.2.1.

A word of caution: this could get you a penalty for going clockwise if you break the plane of the finish line. The turn is legal.

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  1. There is no max height (within limits provided by the ceiling). Rule G 36 which limited robot height was deleted in Update #1

2)The homestretch is the 1/4 of the field immediately preceding the finish line for that team

3)Yep, as long as you don’t pass the line in the clockwise direction with all of your robot by doing so

Don’t you mean any? The rule once you cross is break the plane.

Unless I misinterpreted the Definition of Crossing in Section 7: The Game, I meant any

CROSSING: The act of a TRCKBALL or ROBOT passing through the plane defined by a line (i.e. LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE) when it is projected vertically upwards. A TRACKBALL or ROBOT shall have CROSSED a line when all parts of the object, while traveling in a counterclockwise direction, have completely passed through the plane.

You did not misinterpret the definition. However, I quote another part of Section 7, namely

<G22> Direction Of Traffic – ROBOTS must proceed around the TRACK in a counter-clockwise direction. Once a ROBOT has CROSSED a LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE, it shall not break the plane of the line by moving in the clockwise direction. A PENALTY will be assigned for each infraction.
(emphasis mine)

Thanks for the clarification, I find you rule superior and agree.

So back to the original post
3) Yep, provided none of you robot passes back through the line

Added the bold

Thank you for your help and thanks for the warm welcome. Good luck in the comp.