Some quotes about FIRST. Especially for teams that competed at GLR

Hey guys,

I’m writing an article about FIRST/GLR for a local paper. I’m writing because I need a quote about what others think about FIRST and how they would describe it.

Some things to consider:

What impact has FIRST had on your life?
What’s the team experience like?
How has FIRST affected your community and surrounding area?
How do you think FIRST affects the world?
What is your general idea of what FIRST Robotics is all about?

I apologize if any threads of a similar kind appear elsewhere on the forum, but I didn’t find any myself. It’s kind of hard to confirm the existance of a similar thread when your keywords are restricted to “FIRST,” “mean,” “You,” and so forth.

I know how many of you are just waiting to have an opportunity to write a 10-page paper about how great FIRST is… but that isn’t what I’m asking for! A paragraph or two, maybe five sentences, is quite enough.

Also, please use good English grammar and spelling for neat, legal quotation.

Thanks guys, and have a great rest of the season :).

One good place to start is up there at the very top line of the forum screen. You’ll see a quote from the forum with the name next to it in bold face. If you click on that [more] link, you’ll find a table with a zillion quotes about FIRST.