Somebody's gunna ask it, why not me?

Every year someone asks this and unfortunately I’m in this predicament. My team did not qualify for Nationals but a couple teammates and I are going anyways. So are there any teams who have an extra hotel room? Just a single room for 4 people. Anywhere, it doesn’t matter! I’m in the process of quickly planning out a trip, I only have about a week to finalize plans, so if anyone can help me out, email me or anything, any help is much appreciated!!

Hey Good News and Bad News, Good news is that my team was taken off the waiting list and we’re now available and able to register for the Championship event. However, the bad news, my school has once again decided to stifle our creativity and potential and is not permitting the team to go. However, it is understandable because of some unpleasantness that occured at our regional competition. Hopefully there will still be a team the following years to continue the tradition. Either way, I’m gunna be in Florida, I’ll be bringing some friends who are new to the FIRST experience. I want to show them insight into the FIRST community and what FIRST really means but they just wanna meet girls, so I’m willing to compromise lol. Anyways, if any teams could help us out, it would be great!