Posted by Doug Fischer.

Student on team #41, Warriors, from Watchung Hills and Cordis.

Posted on 3/13/2000 5:28 PM MST

im still waiting for results from the GLR, ive read lots of great info about some of the bots but how bout someone postin the top 8 and their pics and who finished where? thanks alot

Doug Fischer
Team 41

Posted by Andy Baker.

Engineer on team #45, TechnoKats, from Kokomo High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 3/14/2000 8:44 AM MST

In Reply to: SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE US GLR RESULTS!!! posted by Doug Fischer on 3/13/2000 5:28 PM MST:


I’ll try to help you out here. I know for sure who was in the finals:

The Winners were:
Team 201, Visteon and Rochester HS (#1 seed)
Team 47, ChiefDelphi and Pontiac Central HS
Team 349, RoBahamas of Ford and International Academy

The Finalists (second place) were:
Team 65, GM Husky Brigade and Pontiac Northern HS
Team 1, Juggernauts of 3-D Services and Oakland Tech.
Team 45, TechnoKats of Delphi and Kokomo HS

The final round went three matches… all were very exciting. All of the teams in the final rounds put on quite a show.

Andy Baker